The Abdos Group is pushing the envelope with Abdos Labtech Private Limited and its refreshingly versatile array of Lab ware products since 2009.

The Abdos Group has aced over the sectors of packaging, FMCG, logistics and distribution since it became operational in 1967. Recently in 2009 with Abdos Labtech Private Limited, it has added to its manufacturing line-up the field of plastic laboratory products. Remaining true to the Group’s commitment towards excellence the lab ware products maintain a consistently high standard.

The versatility of the lab ware range is proven by the 2013-14 National and International Catalogue which is segregated into 9 categories, which are Centrifuge Ware, Liquid Handling Consumables, Cryo Ware, Multipurpose Racks & Boxes, General Laboratory Products, Microscopy Family, Organizers, and Equipment & Utilities. These products cater to a wide base of consumers from Educational Institutions, Clinical Research Labs, Forensic Science Labs, Stem Cell Research, Hospital & Diagnostic centres, Industrial Labs to the Food & Beverage sector. Not stopping there the company has introduced new products in the PCR family, Micro Tips, Unique range of rotator and Multi-Combination Racks coupled with superiorly built shakers.

Abdos Labtech has invested over $9 million to build on infrastructure and aims to increase its catalogue to include more high-end products. The company exports to channel partners in over 15 countries like USA, Brazil, France, Poland, Vietnam, Germany, Spain, UAE, Australia, Oman, Bangladesh. To reach out to the international market, Abdos Labtech has been making its presence felt globally by participating in international meets like the 12th edition of Analitica Latin America in September, 2013, Lab Asia Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur in October, 2013, India Lab Expo and MEDICA2013, in Germany both of which were held in November, 2013.

Abdos Labtech pushes up the standards of the plastic labware industry !

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