Founded in 1967, Abdos is into diversified group of businesses. The group has 5 businesses including Lamitubes, Life Science, Cotract Manufacturing, Distribution & FMCG. Through the years, the Group has grown in both depth and breadth, and frequently received accolades from its patrons in recognition for delivering high quality standards and for its customer-centric approach.

Since establishment, the company continues to grow under the vision & leadership its Board of Directors & Individual Business leads. Each successive generation has not only strengthened existing businesses but has developed new ones. The Group manages the evolution of its businesses and governance structures consciously. The Group is firmly rooted in its values and beliefs, and is poised to take on the world. As a result, the Group’s business portfolio is diverse and dynamic.

Abdos’ reach has now become global as the products are made to achieve quality standards that would inspire admiration in its collaborators and competitors alike. The Group source technologically standardized equipment, material and finished goods from across the world. Conversely, it has strong product reach in Indian subcontinent, Europe & SOuth East Asia.

Presently, the Management Board contains 10 core members who oversee Group’s inclusive growth. Committed professional relationships define Abdos, which build an integrated environment of trust and deliver excellence. Abdos has deep & long term relationship with conglomerates like TATA & Multinational companies like Unilever & together with regional companies like Cipla, Lupin, Anchor, Himalaya, & Mankind. This is a testimony of our mutual trust & long term relationships.

The same commitment holds true for the employees and suppliers with Abdos. Some employees have been with the Group for over 25 years, who stay employed with the company until they retire. The Abdos Group strives to bond with our customers, associates, suppliers, service providers and employees to create an organic corporation with a healthy flow of growth & expansions.