Founded in 1967 and headquartered in New Delhi, Abdos is a leading diversified group of businesses. The group has 6 businesses including manufacturing, FMCG, trading and contract manufacturing. Through the years, the Group has grown in both depth and breadth, and frequently received accolades from its patrons in recognition for delivering high quality standards and for its customer-centric approach.

Since establishment, the company continues to grow under dynamic leadership of the Managing Director, Mr. Kamal Agarwal. Each successive generation has not only strengthened existing businesses but has developed new ones. The Group manages the evolution of its businesses and governance structures consciously. The Group is firmly rooted in its values and beliefs, and is poised to take on the world. As a result, the Group’s business portfolio is diverse and dynamic.

The business has its origin in 1967 when Mr. Ram Gopal Agarwal & his two brothers started a distributorship with Tata Oil Mills Ltd’s FMCG brands like Hamam, Jai, Moti, OK and 501 which then expanded to Tata Chemical Ltd’s inorganic chemicals such as sodium bicarbonate, soda ash etc in 1976. For 47 years now, the Group stand among the top three channel partners of the Tata Group’s chemical segment.

In 1988 Abdos got a contract for manufacturing FMCG detergent powder and cakes. The work began in Kolkata with OK and 501, eventually the Ghaziabad unit materialized in 1990 to increase production. 1990 also saw the Group enlarge manufacturing portfolio, with the contract of hair oils for Tata Oil Mills Ltd under the Tata hair oil brand, later rebranded as Nihaar Hair oil. In 1995, Hindustan Lever took over Tata Oil Mills Ltd. but the assignment continued under the new company. In 2006-2007 Abdos received a Spanish company’s project to manufacture olive oil for the brand Bertolli. The Group’s operations also include shampoos for Unilever under the Clinic Plus brand.

After strengthening itself in the manufacturing zone, Abdos arrived into the packaging sector in 1995 with its PP/HDPE Woven Sacks’ plant at Ghaziabad. Since then, the plant’s production has increased by three times with markets in the US, CIS nations and Africa. The inclusion of multi-layered laminated tubes for brands like Close Up, Pepsodent, Fair & Lovely further expanded the packaging sector with the Guwahati unit in 2004. The plant’s half a million tubes per day capacity has now rocketed to 1.3 million, which should further expand to nearly 3 million by 2017. A new company Abdos Labtech Pvt. Ltd. was inaugurated in 2009 with the inclusion of plastic lab-ware. In July 2013, Abdos Labtech third catalogue added 49 products to its existing catalogue of 131 products. Presently Labtech business is operated across 22 countries. The Group’s Indian plants include units in Roorkee, Delhi, Ghaziabad, Kolkata and Guwahati.

Abdos’ reach has now become global as the products are made to achieve quality standards that would inspire admiration in its collaborators and competitors alike. The Group source technologically standardized equipment, material and finished goods from developed states like US and Europe besides the rising Chinese economy. Conversely, it has strong markets in US, Europe, and emerging economies like Brazil, Russia.

Presently, the Management Board contains 10 core members who oversee Group’s inclusive growth. Committed professional relationships define Abdos, which build an integrated environment of trust and deliver excellence. For instance, the collaboration with Tata Chemicals is 50 years old, while the Group continue to be their channel partners. Besides, the association with Unilever since two decades saw the Group multi-functioning as their contract manufacturer and packaging material supplier.

The same commitment holds true for the employees and suppliers with Abdos. Some employees have been with the Group for over 25 years, who stay employed with the company until they retire. The Abdos Group strives to bond with our customers, associates, stakeholders and employees and create an organic corporation with a healthy flow of quality production.