The history of the Abdos group is intricately linked with the manufacturing sector. Since 1967 we had initiated our business as distributors for the FMCG brands of Tata Oil Mills Ltd. By the 1990s we had enlarged ourselves to assume the role of contract manufacturers for Tata Oil Mills Ltd. and Hindustan Unilever Ltd. Our manufacturing range now goes from several FMCG brands of our clients including oils and shampoos under the Nihaar Hair Oil, Bertolli Olive Oil and Clinic Plus brands, to Abdos’ own brand of products including soda ash, detergent powder and cakes and iodized salt. Furthermore, we are also involved in the making of multi-layered laminated tubes or “Lamitubes” and plastic lab-ware under Abdos Labtech Pvt. Ltd.

The Manufacturing Process at Abdos follows a certain structure of set objectives which are as follows:


Technology is our foremost priority at Abdos. We house the most advanced standardized machinery available in our line of manufacturing, sourced from developed nations like the US and Europe, to mould our products with the finest quality.

Raw Materials

The Raw Materials used to make our products are also of the best standards to ensure their general longevity. The raw materials are assessed for their standards at our Quality Assurance Cells.

A Continuous Cycle of Up-Gradation

Abdos engages in a continuous cycle of up-gradation to weed out obsolete methods and substitute them with state-of-the-art services. Our manufacturing plants, storage facilities are designed and operated to constantly evolve while being in compliance with the statutory and internal quality standards.

Training Schedules

We interact with our employees to increase their potential output through organizing regular training schedules which constantly improves their technical skills and their awareness of various modes of sustainable manufacture. Moreover, we take care that our employees are well-versed with our Consumer Safety protocols at all levels and carry out their responsibilities accordingly.

Reducing Waste

Abdos also focuses on corrective and preventive methods of reducing waste by the identification of “suspect or contaminated products & the related raw and packaging materials”, and recalling them from any stage of manufacture or distribution.

Environmentally Suitable Methods

We take precautionary measures with the support of our units and co-packers to stay updated about physical, microbiological and chemical contaminants and their environmental consequences. This helps us adopt environmentally suitable methods of manufacture that sets us on a course of inclusive growth in the long run.


Towards this cause Abdos has taken measures to increase the recyclability of our end products so that they can be fruitfully integrated back into the manufacturing system beyond the end of the consumer’s needs, thereby being cost-efficient.

Clean and Hygienic Environment

Our manufacturing units are directed by strict protocol to ensure a clean and hygienic environment of production. We ensure the safety of consuming our end products by making them pass the toxicological clearance test.

Quality Checks

We conduct regular audits and quality checks. We maintain a standard process of monitoring and protecting our products from potential hazards, in the form of foreign bodies, microbiological or chemical contamination, through the setting up of Critical Control Points.


All our plants have equipped with excellent laboratories infrastructure and facilities. They help to assess the growth of our products in a dynamic and sustainable cycle of modernization.


The ultimate goal of all Abdos’ manufacturing units remains their devotion to their consumers. We provide essential Product information, including instructions for the safe handling of products. Further, our Consumer & Customer Safety Policy is annually evaluated to keep the management of our consumer’s welfare as our top-most priority.