Abdos’ first detergent plant, established in 1976, manufactured OKAY Detergent for TATA Oil Mills, which was subsequently merged with Hindustan Lever (Unilever). About this time we identified the need for an independent brand of our own and repacked TATA SODA ASH under the company’s brand name SUN SODA ASH. Abdos’ understanding of its consumers and market opportunities in West Bengal led to expansion and the company could introduce iodized salt and detergent powder in its product-line. The brand name we adopted, “TAO” signifies path in Chinese reflecting the company’s progressive growth.

In 2006, the Abdos Consumer Care Limited was founded that targeted the complete trust and satisfaction of its consumers. To this end, we follow a lean business module of perpetual improvement with the involvement of our employee’s at all levels.


Tao Active

Launched in 1993, this remains the oldest brand in Abdos’ basket. Its superior detergent ingredients ensure clean clothes at reasonable prices. Moreover, its attractive packing and easy fragrance delights customers. It comes in the market in packs of 1kg, 500gm, 250 gm, 100gm, 16gm.

Tao Plus

Brought in the market in 1995, TAO PLUS is an admired mid-segment detergent with a marketing scheme. Recently improved with stain-removing qualities, the product also brings striking gifts for customers ranging from home appliances to gorgeous ornaments. It’s available in the market in packs of 750gm, 500 gm and 350gm.

Panch Mukhi Iodized Salt

Taking up the government’s alarm to introduce our rural, underprivileged masses to iodized salt, Abdos launched the PANCH MUKHI iodized salt in 2000. This product is not only popular for its lively packaging but makes your meals hygienic and tastier. It is in the market in packs of 1kg and 500gm.

Sun Soda

Produced since 2001, SUN SODA is a multipurpose washing agent. However permanent the stain might seem, SUN SODA ASH cleans them from utensils, floors and even clothes. In the market it’s found in packs of 1kg and 500gm.

Tao Dish Wash

Recently launched in 2013, TAO DISH WASH comes enriched with lemon to clean kitchen utensils. Thick grease, oil patches or foul odour—it removes all leaving utensils sparkling fresh. It can be got in markets in packs of 700gms, 150gms and 90gms.

Our Distribution Channel

The distribution process at Abdos is organic. It initiates with us dispatching our products to the regional distributors. The distributors sell the products to local wholesalers who in turn transact with the neighbourhood retailers. Consumers buy our products from these retail stores.

Our Consumers

Semi-rural or rural milieu in West Bengal makes up Abdos’ consumer base, where the company serves middle class to lower class consumers. We are dedicated to high-quality production so that we can assist in elevating the living standards of our consumers. Our goal is to provide superior quality products for reasonable prices.