Abdos Labtech Private Limited is a manufacturer of high quality plastic laboratory products. Established in 2009, our state-of-art manufacturing facility is located at Roorkee, Uttarakhand about 4 hours from the Indian capital, New Delhi. Since inception we have been prototyping, designing, developing and manufacturing high quality plastic products for used in life science laboratory around the world. In addition to plastics we also market large variety of bench top instruments and products for safety & utilities for use in the laboratory.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 13485:2016 certified company and CE marked. We are one of the select manufacturer from India that has IVD certification on certain products and are also represented by Obelis as its EC REP in Europe. We follow intense quality control measures, audits and periodic reviews to ensure our plant, warehouse and maintenance system run effectively and efficiently leaving no compromise on the quality served to the end user.

We manufacture industry-leading products through our efficient machines, precise moulds, virgin medical grade resin, automatic platforms and clean room. This year we have introduced our much awaited filter tips and low retention tips to increase pipette tips product category, introduced one of the world’s best bottle top dispensers, increased our range in the bottles and carboys category and much more. Our continuous endeavor is to cover large aspects of end users needs. As always we are constantly evaluating new products keeping in mind new areas of growth and research in the field of life science.

Abdos Labtech is part of the Abdos Group established in the year 1967. The group has other business interests in laminated tubes, contract manufacturing, woven sacks, distribution and FMCG. Our group long- term relationships include global companies like Unilever and TATA.

We thank all our stakeholders, customers and channel partners for their continuous support in the growth of Abdos.


Scientific research relies heavily on the right kind of laboratory plastic wares. An error in choosing plastic labware can result in faulty outcomes. Therefore, Abdos brings out laboratory plastic wares that undergo rigorous quality evaluations and utilize only the finest virgin raw materials.

Centrifuge Ware

Our broad range of Centrifuge Ware is employed in a variety of centrifugation methods and assay investigations in laboratories. The products act as consumable items in the laboratories besides having distinctive characteristics that demonstrate their fine quality. The moulding of these products is obtained from unadulterated and virgin resins that yield low extractability and leaching on being used.

The products that comprise the Centrifuge Ware are

  • Micro Centrifuge Tubes, PP
  • Micro Pestles, PP
  • Centrifuge Tube Conical Bottom, PP/HDPE
  • Self Standing Centrifuge Tube
  • Centrifuge Tube Conical Bottom in Polystyrene
  • Racked Centrifuge Tube Conical Bottom
  • Rack for Micro Centrifuge Tubes, RPP
  • Rack for Micro Centrifuge Tubes, PC
  • Centrifuge Tube Box, PP
  • Swirl-01 Micro Centrifuge
Liquid Handling Consumables

Abdos Labtech produces its Liquid Handling Consumables range of commodities using accurate instruments that lend them longevity and a repeat value that is necessary for laboratory usage. Manufactured in a clean room environment they are uncontaminated by RNase, DNase and Pryogen. Since they aid to conduct outcomes that minimize defects, these products are taken as laboraty consumables of a superior class.

Liquid Handling Consumables have the following products under it

  • Micro Tips (Bulked, Racked & Refill)
  • Radioimmunoassay (RIA) Vial & Cap (Plastic Test Tube)
  • Empty Micro Tip Box
  • Sample Container
  • Pasteur Pipette
  • Serological Pipettes
  • Fast Release Pipette Pump
  • Handypette Pipette Aid
  • Rubber Pipette Pump
  • Rave Pipette Controller
  • Rave Plus Pipette Filler
  • Fixed Premium Pipette
  • Variable Premium Pipette
  • Variable Premium Plus Pipette
Cryo Ware

Our wide collection of Cryo Vials helps in the storage of cells, plasma, blood, serum and other biological sample under sub-zero temperatures that can go down to -196° C. Moreover, the entire span of our Cryo Racks and Boxes are employed for storing samples in mechanical and deep freezer conditions. The moulding of these products is obtained from unadulterated and virgin resins that yield low extractability and leaching on being used.

The entire gamut of Cryo Ware products are

  • Cryo Vial External Threaded Sterile
  • Cryo Vial External Threaded Sterile with Silicone Seal
  • Cryo Coders for Skirted Foot External Threaded Vial
  • Cryo Coders for Internal & External Threaded Vial
  • Storage Vial
  • Cryo Box
  • Cryo Box, System-100, PC
  • Cryo Cube Box/Storage Cube Box
  • Freezing Cardboard Cryo Boxes, Cardboard
  • Cryo Gloves
  • Water Proof Cryo Gloves
  • Cryo Apron
PCR Family

The labware of the PCR class are made through a co-ordination of a particular type of resin, exact dimension measurements and fixed computation. PCR experiments require sustained research and scrutiny in a steady environment where the experiments can be repeated to gain precise outcomes. Our range of PCR lab wares consisting of tubes, strips, plates and sealing films fulfil these conditions.

Our PCR family offers the following products

  • PCR Tubes
  • 0.2 ml PCR Tubes strip of 8 caps
  • Snap Strips PCR Tubes
  • Strip Tubes without Cap – 8 strips & 12 strips
  • Strip Caps
  • PCR Plates Family
  • Sealing Films (Polyester & Aluminium)
  • Sealing Mats (Silicon Rubber)
  • Deep Well Plate Family
  • Square Sealing Mats for Deep Well Plates
General Laboratory Products

As the name suggests, we manufacture an exhaustive inventory of general laboratory products to conduct the standard experiments in a research laboratory. The products are conceived and assembled employing uncontaminated and specialized resins at our moulding units. With our focus on quality at Abdos Labtech, we not only assure but certify the precision of our volumetric items which instils the faith of our researchers in our lab wares.

The complete list of our General Laboratory Products is

  • Beakers without Handle & Low Form Griffin Beakers
  • Beakers with Handle & Low Form Griffin Beakers
  • Measuring Cylinders Tall Shape, PP Class "B"
  • Measuring Cylinders Tall Shape, TPX Class "B"
  • Measuring Cylinders Tall Shape, TPX Class "A"
  • Ice Bucket
  • Micro Magnetic Stirrer Bars
  • Magnetic Stirrer Bars with Pivot Ring
  • Cylindrical Magnetic Stirrer Bars
  • Octagonal Magnetic Stirrer Bars
  • Triangular Magnetic Stirrer Bars
  • Double-Ended Magnetic Stirrer Bars
  • Cross – Spin Magnetic Stirrer Bars
  • Reagent Reservoir, HIPS
Multipurpose Racks & Boxes

These multipurpose racks & boxes are made under various designs and conditions that consider the wide spectrum of necessities of a researcher. Therefore this range of products is put to different uses across several laboratories. The prime application of these racks is for the storage and organization of tubes and plates of different sizes and shapes.

The Entire Range of our Multipurpose Racks & Boxes has

  • Reversible/Twist Rack with Cover, PP
  • Rotator Workstation, PP
  • Multi Combination Racks, PP
  • PCR Workup Rack
  • 96 Place Workup Rack with Lid
  • PCR Workstation Rack with Lid
  • Reversible Freezer Storage Racks with Gel, PC
  • Freezer Colour Change Racks, PP
  • Test Tube Racks, RPP & PC
  • Polygrid Test Tube Rack
Microscopy Family

The broad spectrum of our microscopy products is manufactured with the aim of helping laboratory workers to stain, store and move microscope slides of different sizes. The original design of the products will adapt to different kinds of laboratory settings. The finest quality is attained in the products with the help of specialized resins such as PP, HIPS, ABS and Acetal.

The Microscopy class of products include the following

  • Coplin Jar
  • Slide Tray, HIPS
  • Microscope Slide File, HIPS
  • Slide Storage System, HIPS
  • Slide Drain Rack, HIPS
  • Slide Box, ABS
  • Slide-Dispenser, ABS
  • Slide Mailer, PP
  • Slide Staining System, Acetal

Organizers are all such products that streamline your scientific investigation into a structured and efficient setting. They make for ideal storage spaces for chemical substances, tubes, vials and pipette tips, as they are highly functional and usable. Our range of organizers ensures that the research practice is hygienic and keeps the work space from getting untidy.

The Organizer range consists of

  • Parafilm M Dispenser
  • Pipette Rack Stand
  • Assorted Workstation Storage Bins
  • Workstation Storage/Dispenser Bins
  • Workstation Storage 3 compartment
  • Bench Top Beta Shield
  • Glove Box Holder
  • Safety Goggles Box

For the smooth execution of scientific experimentation in laboratories Abdos Labtech offers a wide array of equipments. With the whole collection of our equipments researchers find their work becoming a orderly method. Especially the mixers and shakers that feature in this collection of equipments are numerously employed to different shaking functions that are accompanied with optional adapters.

The full Range of our Equipments Encompasses

  • SWIRLEX-Vortex Shaker
  • SWIRLEX-Tube Roller
  • WAVEX-Tube Rotator
  • WAVEX-Rotating Mixer
  • WAVEMAX-Rocking Shaker
  • WAVEMAX-Dancing Shaker
  • WAVEMAX-Orbital Shaker Junior
  • WAVEMAX-Orbital Shaker
  • SWIRLTOP-Magnetic Stirrer & Hot Plate

The Utilities products of plastic lab wares include the basic functional aspects that are needed in a laboratory setting and also act as safety measures. This range of products ensures the hygienic environment of the laboratory which also eases up the execution of research operations. Utility products like masks, goggles, gloves and shields ensure safety from toxic chemicals while wipers and disposable bags keep the shelves and desks free of dirt.

The Products that come under our Utilities section are

  • Laboratory Workbook
  • Safety Goggles
  • Safety Face Shield
  • N95 Mask
  • Kimtech Science Kimwipes Wipers
  • Biohazard Disposable Bags
  • Autoclave Bags
  • Safeskin Purple Nitrile Gloves
  • Wypall X70 Wipers
  • Wypall L40 Wipers
  • Kimcare NTO Hand Cleaner
  • Parafilm M
  • Cryo – Babies and Cryo – Tags
  • Tough Spots
  • Tough Tags
  • Tough Tag Station
  • Petri – Seal
  • Container Seal
  • Dura Seal
  • Markers
  • Multipurpose Labelling Tape
  • Multi – Tape Dispenser
  • Speciality Indicator Tape for Steam Autoclave
  • High Temperature Indicator Tape
  • Hi/Lo Temperature Tape



Since the plastic lab wares at Abdos Labtech are conceived keeping a wide specification of consumers in view, they can cater to every type of laboratory globally.