ABDOS has been working towards making a change in the fields of product distribution, speciality packaging, FMCG products and plastic labware since 1967. We displayed rapid growth from the roles of FMCG distributors to become contract manufacturers in the late Eighties. Thereafter, we made a steady stride into speciality packaging with Lamitubes and PP/HDPE Woven Sacks. The newest addition to our family had been Plastic Labwares in 2009, which has made great progress in widening its catalogue of products within a few years of its inceptions. All our endeavours have been marked with a urge towards inclusive progress that takes into the two spectrums of client and consumer satisfaction.

An association with the ABDOS Group translates into an enriching professional experience. Here are a few factors that accelerate our excellence:

  • The technical infrastructure at all the ABDOS branches is of the finest standards. Not only are our machinery modernized but our systems involve a perpetual upgradation cycle to help them evolve with the changing needs of the industry.
  • Our raw materials reflect our determination for perfection. All our raw materials undergo quality checks to meet the high standards of our customer requirements.
  • ABDOS concentrates on its corporate responsibility to optimize its productivity. We focus on waste reduction techniques and boost the recycle of our used products.
  • Moreover, we create an atmosphere of environmental sustainability by educating our employees about safeguarding the hygiene standards of our plants.
  • We have our highly equipped Quality Assurance Cells for every section of the ABDOS Group, and are armed with our in-house R&D department to better analyze the role of our products. To this end our laboratories are maximized to experiment with bettering our manufacturing systems.
  • We believe in a close collaboration with our clients and understanding their needs so that we can deliver accordingly. This is clearly evident in the longevity of our associations with our clients.
  • ABDOS has been serving its consumers with the best possible products and services within a cost-efficient frame. This remains the prime motive behind our having a healthy domestic and international market.